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DeWAG. The asset manager making properties fit for the future.

Energy-efficient modernisation and active property management create sustainable value and ensure ongoing improvement in the quality of housing for our residents. We create additional housing through densification where it is both feasible and reasonable to do so. We focus on future viability and sustainability, taking an individual approach to each and every property. Not just from behind a desk, but in person at our properties – and face-to-face with the people who live there.

Investing in the future.

Our target markets are situated in regions with positive population development and growth forecasts. Our internal research delivers reliable data on the property markets of tomorrow. This is a key factor in ensuring that your investments gain in value.

Business areas

Our professional asset management team is committed to continuously improving the quality of life and the standard of our housing with a view to adding value. This requires efficient cost management that typically goes hand in hand with the acquisition of the property. Effective energy-saving measures with a focus on sustainability should give you a sense of how seriously we take our economic and environmental responsibility.

We develop portfolio properties that offer viable usage concepts and architecture that blends in perfectly with the neighbourhood. We come up with end-to-end solutions for individual projects with a focus on quality and the needs of the users at all times. Qualified project and construction management teams ensure that responsibility and a focus on residents’ needs are at the heart of our development projects.

In strained housing markets, we aim to create new housing through densification wherever it is both feasible and reasonable to do so – from loft conversions and the addition of extra storeys to new builds on existing brownfield sites. We are all about quality over quantity because it’s important to retain as much green space as possible – especially in urban areas.

Germany is experiencing demographic change. Our ageing population needs more housing concepts that allow self-contained living even in older age. Well, we have various concepts to offer – in some cases together with partners – at selected properties with service levels that differ depending on the preferences and needs of the residents.

We offer attractive condominiums or terraced homes at moderate prices in selected properties.