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Award-winning sustainable management.

Environmental awareness and a sustainable approach are deeply rooted in our DNA. We want our work to make a difference in terms of continuously improving the environmental footprint of our properties, and we arrange for this to be independently audited on a regular basis. One example is the internationally recognised GRESB Rating, where a portfolio managed by us once again took first place.

Sustainability requires teamwork.

At DeWAG, an interdisciplinary team analyses and realises measures to improve our ecological footprint. In addition to our property portfolio, this means examining what we can do in terms of our own actions – such as travelling by rail instead of flying. We also see ourselves as a sparring partner for our residents, whom we support with tips and advice on how to act sustainably in their everyday life.

What we do

We fundamentally examine our properties in terms of energy efficiency and ecological criteria and implement practical energy-efficient modernisation measures on this basis. This saves heating and energy costs for tenants, protects the environment and keeps our properties attractive for the next generation.

All of our properties have been powered by green electricity for some time now, and we are currently in the process of converting all of the lighting sources in communal areas to LED lighting. District heating connections are regularly checked for efficiency and adjusted as required. And because we typically conclude centralised contracts, our tenants benefit from especially favourable conditions and green tariffs.

From façade paint with ecologically compatible ingredients to wood from FSC-certified forests, we make a point of using sustainable materials in our modernisation and apartment renovation activities.

Densification is our way of actively combating the housing shortage in cities. As well as creating housing, this is good for the environment and the climate because existing green space and the associated biodiversity are largely protected and no new soil is sealed.

A portion of our portfolio is regularly audited and certified by GRESB and GPR Gebouw. Moreover, we examine the consumption data for all our properties every year, identify benchmarks and calculate CO2 emissions so that we can initiate ecological modernisation measures on a targeted basis.

As part of our efforts to help residents take environmental responsibility within their own four walls, we provide every tenant with our guide to sustainable living, which includes helpful tips and advice for everyday life.

We install new elevators to make it easier for older residents to access their apartments, particularly on the upper floors of buildings. Apartments for older people are fitted with features such as accessible bathrooms.

Along with a professional lighting concept for a feeling of added security, we design outside areas with a particular view to providing seating and places to meet.

We give precedence to service providers from the local area around the respective property or our head office in Stuttgart. In particular, we make a point of ensuring that they have the same attitude to sustainability as us – and we have guidelines to help us support them.

Taking the train instead of flying. Or banning plastic bottles from the workplace. We examine our actions right down to the small aspects of everyday office life. After all, the little things are what make the difference.