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Home is where the heart is.

Whether it is the centre of your life, a base or a place of retreat, most people consider their home to be a special place. It is important to feel comfortable within your own four walls. And because every home is as different as the people living in it, we take care of those four walls as if they were unique.

Environmental responsibility begins at home.

Sustainability is important to us. To help our residents show respect for our planet, every tenant is provided with a guide to sustainable living that is tailored specifically to their housing complex.

Living in a DeWAG apartment

Most of our apartments are renovated in line with ecological criteria before new residents move in. It goes without saying that we use sustainable materials such as parquet flooring from FSC-certified forests and laminate with the Blue Angel eco-label. We only install bathroom fixtures made by German manufacturers.

The majority of our properties are in popular urban locations or in metropolitan regions with good access to the city centre. Shops, restaurants and leisure facilities tend to be within walking distance.

When you live in one of our apartments, you will have a caretaker to rely on. Clearing walkways during the winter months? Maintaining green areas? Cleaning the stairwells? You leave that to us and focus on enjoying your home.