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Good business.

Our inner-city residential complexes often include commercial space and shops, usually on the ground floor. When selecting commercial tenants, we pay particularly close attention to ensuring a good mixture of businesses in the immediate area. This helps to promote diversity and quality of life in the entire neighbourhood – something that ultimately benefits everyone.

Room for ideas.

Businesspeople have ideas – we have the space in which those ideas can thrive. We give precedence to small, local businesses such as hairdressers, bicycle shops and daycare centres. In this way, we support self-employed people and small businesses and take social responsibility.

Commercial spaces

Our commercial spaces can often be flexibly modified for various usage concepts.

Most of our properties are in popular urban locations or in metropolitan regions with good access to the centre.

Our residential and commercial buildings give you the usual benefits of a caretaker. From clearing walkways in winter and maintaining green areas to cleaning the stairwells, everything is taken care of. We pay particular attention to the design of the outdoor facilities and all common areas around the residential and commercial buildings. For this purpose, we are continuously on site and available for concerns – so your customers always get a good first impression as well.