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Meaningful modernisation.

This charming residential property with 78 apartments is centrally located in Leonberg, not far from Stuttgart. The Parksee senior citizens’ centre is connected directly to the building and the popular city park and a shopping centre are right next door. Could you imagine a better location for a property aimed at an older demographic?

Needs must.

The needs of older residents were also taken into account within the modernisation measures. For example, the flooring in the stairwells and apartments was selected to cater for their specific requirements. The facade was insulated and given a tasteful colour scheme that continues in the renovated corridors and stairwells.

Eingangsbreich Leonberg
Accessible entrance areas ensure that senior citizens have step-free access to their apartments. And the views of the neighbouring city park are a major selling point.
Neue Küche in Leonberg

Move-in ready.

The apartments are being modernised with age in mind. This includes flooring that fits with the colour concept for the apartments and meets the specific requirements of the target group. New fitted kitchens are also being installed.

Age-appropriate, not old-fashioned.

Accessibility is so important when it comes to bathroom renovation. This includes installing grab rails and using anti-slip tiles. And our residents love the fact that age-appropriate does not mean old-fashioned.