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Home sweet home.
Apartments to rent or buy.

Home really is where the heart is. Can you think of anything that affects our well-being as much as the quality of our housing? Attractive housing in a nice area with good infrastructure and an urban lifestyle. That ticks all the boxes. We are aware of our responsibility here. And that is why we are devoted to making our properties better and more sustainable – by looking after our residential complexes in their entirety. So that our residents can enjoy life to the fullest within their own four walls. From urban living and apartments in older buildings to loft conversions and retirement apartments, we offer a diverse portfolio of housing that matches up with our residents’ living situation and phase of life – while also giving them scope to put their own stamp on their home.

Make yourself at home.

Your own four walls hold such value. Both tangible and intangible. We can help you find and view a property, successfully sign the contract and so much more. Because we know how important it is for you to feel right at home.


Good housing quality

When renovating apartments, we use sustainable materials to create a healthy living environment, such as parquet flooring from FSC-certified forests and laminate with the Blue Angel eco-label. So our residents can feel right at home.


Tailored customer service

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect resident for every apartment. That is why we never arrange group viewings even when demand is high. Our customer service is as individual as the people we deal with. Not to mention efficient and digital – and always in line with data protection regulations.


Home comforts

We modernise our residential properties sustainably and with one eye on the future. And we always make sure that our residents feel right at home – perhaps with professional colour schemes and stunning outside spaces.


Lower additional charges

We regularly update our contracts for facility management, green power and maintenance to ensure the conditions are the best they can be. Our residents feel the benefit in the form of comparatively low additional charges.


Good neighbours

There is nothing better than having good neighbours in your building and the surrounding area. In an extensive survey conducted by us, 92% of residents said they were on good terms with neighbours in their complex.


Sustainable living

Environmental responsibility begins at home. We help our residents to live sustainably by providing handy tips and tricks for everyday life in our residents’ guide, our “4 WÄNDE” magazine and our blog on this website.


City or countryside

Wining and dining, culture, entertainment, leisure, sport – most of our properties are situated in urban city locations. But our portfolio also has something to offer those who are longing to get closer to nature and all things green. Where do you want to live?