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Stylish renovation of a listed property. With an eye for detail.

The popular residential neighbourhood of Berlin-Wilmersdorf. A listed property built around the turn of the century renovated with a real eye for detail. The aim? To preserve the character of this grand building while adding contemporary home comforts.

Equally impressive on the inside.

The charming old building has been respectfully renovated, with the historical structure maintained alongside modern home comforts. Panoramic glass lifts transport residents to the upper floors in style. Historical details like the stucco decorations in the stairwells were carefully integrated. The spirit of the original era lives on despite the building being upgraded.

Entree Berliner Altbau
Many people can’t help but fall for the charms of an old Berlin building. The opulent reception areas are a highlight here.
Wohnzimmer in Altbauwohnung Berlin

Out of the ordinary.

Freshly sanded floorboards are in keeping with the traditional flair of old apartments, while high ceilings with stucco ornamentation create a sense of space.

Esszimmer im Altbau

Rough around the edges.

Traditional old apartments boast attractive details like frame and panel doors and mullioned windows. The floor plans may be a little quirky but there is something waiting to be discovered in every corner.