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Diversity helps us all to succeed.

Teamwork lies at the heart of our success. The ability to pursue a common goal and act in accordance with shared values is essential. This expressly includes embracing our differences and the way in which each and every one of us makes our own personal contribution. After all, diversity is what makes us a strong team. In this respect, we are not just property specialists, economists, civil engineers or financial experts – we are marathon runners, anglers, cyclists, dancers. We are old hands and ambitious young talents. Mothers and fathers. Recent graduates and established professionals. And we have roots in six different countries across three continents.

"Great things in business are never done by one person. Theyr´re done by a team of people."

Steve Jobs

Management Board

Portrait Helmut Beyl

Helmut Beyl is DeWAG’s founder and Chairman of the Management Board. He began his career in banking but soon discovered his passion for real estate. He has now worked in the property industry for more than 30 years, including senior management positions at high-profile real estate investment and service companies. As a passionate marathon runner, he is used to going the extra mile. Helmut Beyl is an aesthete who appreciates good design. And that is very much reflected in some of our properties.

Portrait Dr. Joachim von Klitzing

Dr. Joachim von Klitzing is the member of the DeWAG Management Board with responsibility for Legal and Finance. After studying law and economics, he worked for international companies in the areas of real estate investment banking and management. Dr. von Klitzing is a passionate hockey player and always brings the right team spirit.

Portrait Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog is the member of the Management Board with responsibility for Acquisitions, Asset Management, Letting and Sales. After graduating in business administration, he began his real estate career in 2004 as an asset manager at IWG Intergrund Wohnungsbau GmbH and was Head of Asset Management at DeWAG Management GmbH from 2008 to 2011. As a triathlete and a family man, he knows how to successfully combine high-end performance with a caring mentality.