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Our investment strategy focuses on the establishment and development of a sustainable, long-term, high-yield residential property portfolio. Our extensive market knowledge, thorough market and property analyses and professional due diligence ensure that we only make investments that offer sustainable growth potential subject to prevailing market cycles.


Our professional property management follows the principle of continuously improving the quality of living conditions in the properties in order to generate suitable growth. When we acquire new portfolios, we normally carry out extensive refurbishments and a series of modernisation measures, and put in place an efficient cost management system. Our effective and sustainable energy-saving measures are evidence of our responsible attitude to economic and environmental matters.


We develop existing residential properties which allow sustainable utilisation concepts and harmonious and architecturally compatible integration into the local surroundings. We devise integrated solutions for individual projects, with the focus on the needs of tenants. Maximum priority is given to customer requirements and quality. Our professional project and construction management teams ensure that our developments are performed responsibly and with the needs of the residents in mind.


Our property portfolio is diverse. It includes attractive residences to suit all tastes and almost all budgets. All DeWAG apartment properties are located in pleasant residential areas with a good infrastructure. In selected properties, tenants – and later also private residents or capital investors, are given priority on the purchase of freehold apartments. All DeWAG sales activities are governed by the principles of professionalism, competence and transparency.

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